Tomtopia: Tommy Handley remembered.”IT’S THAT MAN AGAIN!”

ITMA was a popular BBC sketch show during the war in the 1940s, with recurring characters and catchphrases, something between Carry On and Catherine Tate. This video shows the farewell show of the series with comedian Tommy Handley.

Fred Yule, Jean Capra and Dorothy Summers feature in the clip. It’s a wonderful example of classic BBC comedy. Well worth a watch.

Tommy Handley was a philanthropist too. Here you can watch a video of Tommy opening a youth centre in Kent.

Sadly Tommy died of a brain haemorrhage in 1949, he was only 56 years old. This Pathe newsreel here shows mourners at the time of Tommy Handley’s death. Pathe’s John Parsons features in the clip.

Watch It’s That Man Again here

More videos of Tommy Handley can be found in the British Pathe film archive.