British Pathé in East Midlands Schools

bp_edu_printBritish Pathé Education, the world-famous newsreel archive, and East Midlands Public Services Network (emPSN), supplier of internet connectivity and services to 1000 schools and 1000 corporate sites in the region, have agreed a contract that will secure the continued availability of high-quality resources to teachers throughout Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottingham City and Rutland.

The service, which supports both primary and secondary schools, enables teachers to enrich their pupils’ understanding of Britain and its past. It also includes a wealth of material specifically related to the East Midlands.

Under the agreement, British Pathé Education provides all schools served by emPSN with the ability to download an unlimited number of films and still images from an archive of 90,000 newsreels, documentaries and cinemagazines. Access is via a unique website viewable only by subscribed schools. This site, in addition to being free of all advertising, contains value added content such as film collections created according to the curriculum. Teachers also have the ability to create and share their own collections.

It is hoped that teachers and pupils will make use of the films and still images available in a variety of ways, including in lessons (history or otherwise), pupil projects, assemblies, and even school plays – “basically, whatever they can think of,” says Alastair White, General Manager of British Pathé Education. “It’s a very versatile resource and an invaluable learning tool, especially with the centenary of the First World War approaching.”

Jane Barker for emPSN said, “We know schools have valued their access to British Pathé for the last 10 years, soPrint we are pleased to be able to continue this offer to schools on a continuing basis. We look forward to the feedback from schools. It’s a terrific tool for teachers that should prove very popular.”

Alastair White agrees: “It’s a treasure trove that you can lose yourself in for hours at a time and it’s great that emPSN really understand the educational benefits of filmed history.” Mr White continues: “The only disappointing thing is that those schools who have opted out of emPSN won’t be receiving this service. However, we’re more than willing to offer schools the chance to subscribe individually if any are missing out.”

The resource is available now.

For further information, please contact British Pathé Education on 020 7665 8340 or email Visit British Pathé’s website at:

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