It wouldn’t be National Kissing Day without the Snogometer

With the professionalism of a scientist, Malcolm watches his first pair of guinea pigs intently.

Today is National Kissing Day, and so the internet is full of stories from womens magazines and cosmetics brands on the subject of kissing. Do women in Britain enjoy less kissing than women on the continent? Which waxwork dummy is kissed the most by tourists in Madame Tussauds? (Answers at the bottom).

British Pathé were on the radio this morning because way back in the 1960s they filmed some startling developments in kissing technology. Indeed, British Pathé cameramen travelled to Trowbridge in Wiltshire to meet teenager Malcolm Pickard and his…. Snogometer.

Malcolm spent two pounds on the electrical equipment, and admittedly it’s quite hard to work out what the gadget does. The narrator tells us – “There were quite a few shocks when Malcolm introduced his invention to members of a local youth club”

The video shows the mother sitting and watching, knitting even, whilst Malcolm gets down to work on his experimenting with snogging teenagers! A 15 year old couple kiss and the Snogometer starts flashing wildly, but when an older couple kiss the light bulb blows!

The clip has a fantastic 1960s musical score which to teenagers today might remind them of Austin Powers or other comedic parodies of the era. But this is the real thing! “Holy smoke!”

Where can we get our hands on a Snogometer? And what happened to Malcolm Pickard? Did he start up a specialist electrical store in Trowbridge? We imagine he’d be in his 60s!

Watch the Snogometer video here!

The young lovers are eager to see how their snogging rates!

Oh, and those answers: British women are lagging behind other countries in the kissing stakes, with 24% admitting to having not been kissed in a year! However, Britons were voted the best country AT kissing. Boris Johnson is the most kissed waxwork in Madame Tussauds, beating George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

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