DAILY MAIL launch EXCLUSIVE British Pathé DVD give-away!

This weekend Daily Mail readers will be able to get their hands on seven incredible DVDs of rare British Pathé footage. In collaboration with the archive, The Daily Mail is giving away to its readers copies of a piercing and poignant series entitled A Year to Remember.

November is always a time for nationwide gratitude towards Britain’s war veterans and for appreciating the colossal endeavours of troops overseas today.

 A Year to Remember: The War Years is a unique compilation of British Pathé newsreels and covetable archive footage from The Second World War that depicts and documents the most momentous events as they happened, drawing on the thousands of canisters locked away in British Pathé’s vaults.

Presented as a collectable series of seven DVDs (one for each year from 1939-1945) A Year To Remember will be available exclusively with The Mail on Sunday and The Daily Mail, so make sure to pick up a copy of The Mail this remembrance Sunday.

These discs will offer unprecedented depth with their fascinating and groundbreaking footage, giving an incredible insight into the global conflicts of yesteryear that still shape the world that we live in today. A must-have for history enthusiasts, students and lovers of archive footage, but also for anyone who wants to see dramatic footage of Britain’s role in The Second World War, both at home and on foreign soil, as it has never been seen before.

Tokens for each DVD will be available in the following issues of The Daily Mail:

(The Daily Mail) Saturday 13th Nov

(Mail on Sunday) Sunday 14th Nov

(The Daily Mail) Monday 15th Nov

(The Daily Mail) Tuesday 16th Nov

(The Daily Mail) Wednesday 17th Nov

(The Daily Mail) Thursday 18th Nov

(The Daily Mail) Friday 19th Nov

Q: How do you then get your copy of each DVD?

A: You then take the token to a WHSmiths, Tesco or Sainsbury’s to swap it for the DVD. Simple! (Not at petrol station branches or airports, but any other branches of these stores, however small).

We’ll be reminding you on Twitter from @BritishPathe each morning – look out for the hash tag #YTR

Let us know what you think of the DVDs on our Facebook page entitled ‘British Pathé Film Archive’

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