Colin Firth Moved To Tears by British Pathé Film of King George

Last month we announced the fact that Colin Firth’s new movie ‘The King’s Speech’ was to use British Pathé footage. Well last week the New York Times revealed that the British Pathé clips actually moved Firth, and his director Tom Hooper to tears:

“The filmmakers were helped by a rich trove of recordings and footage of George VI. One, of an address that he gave at the opening of an exhibition in Glasgow in 1938, was so poignant, and the king looked so distressed and so sad, that it made Mr. Firth and Mr. Hooper cry.”

The clip of King George VI that Colin Firth watched can be seen for free in the Pathé News archive here:

The King’s Speech: The Real Thing!

Read the New York Times piece here:

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