New British Pathé Website! – Find Out What’s New and Start Enjoying our New Archive!

Sophia Loren in the British Pathe film archive, now viewable on iPhones and iPads.

Due to the increasing popularity of British Pathé we thought it was time to build a better website for you, and so we are thrilled to announce today the launch of our new online archive. Take a look at these exciting new features:

Surf British Pathé on the move: The entire archive can now be watched on iPhones, iPads and other smart devices using our improved video player.

A newly enhanced search facility: All 90,000 reels are now dated and correctly tagged, and so an extra 20,000 reels are findable using the new timeline search tool.

Editorial sections: including thematic stills galleries and archive features. New content will appear each week! Amongst our first batch of galleries is British Pathe’s Guide to Etiquette, Hollywood Goddesses and even a gallery about startling pairs of teeth from yesteryear!

Exclusive programmes: Online series that are free to view. First up it’s ‘Hall of Fame’ and ‘A Day That Shook The World’. Look out for rare British Pathé series from the past such as Secrets of Nature and Feminine Pictorialities.

Comments: That’s right – we are going to let you leave comments on our videos now! You can add details and facts, point out people you know, share your thoughts in general and perhaps be reunited with old chums!

Workspaces: You can now publish and share your own mini collection of reels within the archive, selecting clips of a certain theme or topic that interests you.

We’re really excited to have this new site which is now live, and proud to say that it is entirely free to use. No login is required but if Your British Pathé login details will still work just the same.

Check out the new archive now: NEW BRITISH PATHÉ ARCHIVE!


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