Football History: England Against Wales

“However much they try the English can’t get that goal, the Welsh defence resist all attacks!”

Wales defeat England 2-1 (1955):

It was the first times Wales has beaten England in over 17 years. An exciting piece of 1950s football footage with great crowd shots conveying the anxiety and ecstasy of the fans, in the hectic match Welsh centre-forward John Charles even scores an own-goal with his head at one point.


“Even the war hasn’t affected the billiard table smoothness of the Wembley grass… Wales are buzzing around the English goal like bees round a honey pot”

Wales defeat England 1-0 at Wembley (1940):

Bryn Jones scores the only goal in this match, good shots of England missing a penalty and a very jolly brass band soundtrack from Pathé mixed in with the live cheering.


“Every minute the fight is getting tougher! Then England fade away and give Wales another win”

Wales defeat England 4-2 in Cardiff (1938):

After a fairly equal start Wales suddenly smash Britain with goal after goal. A brilliant 1930s football reel from Pathé with great quality close-up shots for the period. Some of the details are fantastic too – look out for the giant cigarettes advert on the stadium’s roof!


Wales defeat England (1926):

A mute clip of course as we’re now way back in the 1920s! Lovely shots of the teams coming out of the tunnel, and of players congratulating and cordially shaking hands with the Welsh player upon scoring a goal.



There are considerably more reels of Wales being defeated by England, and so rather than go into them individually we’ve put them all together for you on this page here:


General Welsh history enthusiasts might also like this archive footage collection of Wales:

World Cup Clips: British Pathe brings you 10 of the best

British Pathe have been supporting England since 1897

FINALLY!  The World Cup has started, with a 1-1 draw between South Africa and Mexico, the two weeks fo football mania are underway. As a celebratory gift to our readers we’ve put together 10 of our favourite World Cup archive videos. Not just winning goals, this video playlist of World Cup moments encapsulates the true spirit of the game, from sombrero-wearing English supporters on tour, to the Queen’s most elegant 1966 opening ceremony speech. Enjoy these clips and make sure to share them with your fellow England fans:

1)      The 1966 World Cup Final

How could we not?! Although this is rare technicolour clip. The ultimate World Cup archive clip. British Pathé own this rare colour footage. Great Technicolor clips of Bobby Moore and Uve Steeler, great close-up of Jackie Charlton laughing and of course, the winning team England holding up the cup!

2)      Germany beat Hungary 3-2 in the 1954 final

Purely for the brilliant crowd shots! This clip really captures what World Cup football’s really about.

3)      Brazilian team training for 1966

The players get dressed and sign autographs for star struck Swedish children before going out to train. Carlos de Oliveira’s exercises are quite tought!

4)      Mexico’s world cup stadium

Fans arrive at the stadium and buy themselves sombreros

5)      USSR beat Poland

This clips mute but it’s a great video of the stadium in Leipzig

6)      Chile Vs. Italy at the 1966 World Cup

Torrential rain, close-ups of an injured Chilean player being assisted off the pitch

7)      Switzerland Vs. Spain in 1966


8 )      Scotland beats Spain 4-2 in the 1957 World Cup

Some great penalty shots!

9)      More great 1966 World Cup footage

“From the corners of the Earth they came” Great shots of fans arriving. 300 mascot school boys march onto the pitch. The Queen makes a speech.

10)   Documentary footage on how a football is made

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