Halloween Come Early: Jaunting Easter Hat Parade

Don't move Margaret

A fan of British Pathé, Sam in Leamington Spa, emailed asking if we have any footage of tarantulas. We may well do, although tarantulas wouldn’t have been jotted down in the canister notes unless they were the main content, which is unlikely for a newsreel. However, this rather terrifying tarantula hat stars in an Easter bonnet parade from 1955. Easter has several odd traditions, and sadly hat parades are in decline, but they were one all the Easter rage. Hundreds of women would line up to flaunt their homemade creations in front of a panel of fashion experts and town councillors. This clip shows helicopter hats, race horse hats, a ballerina hat, hats that have been fashioned from straw, paper and plants. Watch this Easter Hat parade and others here

Easter Eggs Through The Years: The wood, the clad and the ugly

It’s Easter at the weekend and so we’ve pulled something from the archive for you. Interestingly, chocolate wasn’t always the gift du jour and easter eggs have a long and varied history, as this peculiar 1954 news reel demonstrates.

The Romans once used stone eggs to cool their hands, while in Russia (or “from behind the Iron Curtain” as the presenter prefers to say) the tradition was to give wooden eggs.

Silver nutmeg graters were once the buzz craze at this time of year, whilst the very wealthy occasionally gave each other ornately decorated ostrich eggs. One such specimen from 1900 can be seen in this clip. Enjoy!

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