Before Barbie – The Days when Dolls had Eye Lashes

The Finance Director of Rosebud Dolls is confronted by 8 dolls that could walk!

In the 1960s before the complete world domination of Barbie, and before the invention of those insipid ‘Bratz’, Britain had a glorious dolls industry of its own. The video above is a preview from 1968 of Rosebud Mattels new dolls for that year’s British Toy Fair. New dolls included robotic walking dolls, dolls that could cry and dolls with pullstring phrases. Take a look at the video and marvel at just how much detail and care went into the manufacturing of each and every doll. It’s remarkable!

Below is another clip, of a dolls factory in Battersea, South London. Again, it’s just magical how much attention and love is poured into each dolls. We also love how much make-up the designers have put on for work. Perhaps they knew British Pathé were coming?

These 1963 dolls from a London factory could say "Am I a good girl Mummy?"
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