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One of our archivists has set up a new blog site dedicated to the best images from the British Pathé collection. There’s only a few up there so far, but with a new one added each day, it’ll be sure to quickly become quite a gallery.

Unlike the company’s Facebook or Pinterest pages, the images on the new blog, Archivist @ British Pathé,  are shown free of all description or context, allowing the images to speak for themselves. Some of them, out of context, seem really quite bizarre! Which is, of course, part of the fun. Take this one – “A Bath With A View” (1931). But each image has a link to the original newsreel which you can watch online and find out what it’s all about and see if you’ve guessed correctly.

We hope you enjoy the images. Take a look at the new blog here.


British Pathé Spreads Its Wings

This quick message is to tell you about our brand new Social Media pages. Don’t worry, we’re not neglecting the old ones. In fact, we’ve recently updated our WordPress blog page and started a new series of posts summarising the contents of the archive – such as our Animation Archive, War Archive and Undersea Antics – and the history of British Pathé (see Part I of IV here). But we’ve started a new blog as well. Mostly this mirrors our Facebook page, but there are also exclusives too – such as this article on great goals. You’ll find this new blog, hosted by Tumblr, here:

We also recently started a Pinterest page. If you’ve never tried Pinterest, it can be quite a lot of fun. We’ve got plenty of collections dedicated to certain aspects of the archive. You can explore them here: We’ve only just begun these boards, so they’re not going to blow you away, but follow them now if you don’t want to miss out on our updates!

Our Pinterest boards.
Our Pinterest boards.

We’re delighted with how loyal and active our Social Media supporters have been – and all for what is, essentially, old news! Thank you all. You’ve written so many comments, shared many images and clips, and watched countless videos. Recently we reached 10,000 likes for our Facebook page, and are about to pass the 11,000 mark. Join us there if you haven’t already for daily links to clip collections or films: Or follow us on Twitter: And don’t forget that we also have a popular YouTube channel.

So take your pick of Social Media platform or follow us on all of them if you like. Let us know what you think and what you’d like from us. If you want to, you can do this anonymously here. And know that we appreciate the interest shown in our archive. It’s fantastic to know that this historic footage is not forgotten.

Visit our Pinterest page here or our tumblr blog here.

Today we heard news of… Miss France 1949!

Juliette was crowned Miss France in 1949 -  (click on the image to watch the video)

Last week a lady got in touch with us via the archive’s Facebook page saying that she had discovered a film in our archive of her mother winning the Miss France beauty contest in 1949!

Veronique Tissier’s mother Juliette Figueras won the contest in 1949 before going on to win Miss Europe in 1950 (the contest was held in Sicile, Italy). We are thrilled to say that Juliette lives near Antibes on the Cote D’Azur and is healthy still at the age of 82. You can watch the video by clicking on the image above.

 Here are some more recent photos that Veronique sent us of her mother:

A recent photgraph of Juliette - still looking great for her age!
Here is Juliette with her grandaughter (Veronique's daughter), and her mother. So all in all, including Veronique, that's four generations - fantastic!And here is Juliette being crowned Miss Europe in 1950!And here Juliette is being crowned Miss Europe in 1950!

Juliette’s sister will be visiting her from the Beaux de Provences soon and so Veronique is going to organise a surprise screening of the British Pathé video for her! Before discovering the video in our free online archive Veronique had no idea that the British Pathé clip even existed and only had photographs of the contest.

If anyone can locate footage or photos of the Miss Europe contest in Sicile, 1950 then please do get in touch. The British Pathé film archive sends its best wishes to Juliette and her family, we hope you all enjoy the surprise screening and enjoy life in the south of France!

There are lots of videos of beauty pageants and contests in the archive, so do have a rummage, you could start with these four videos, or just go to the homepage and start searching!

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We’re looking for guest bloggers to write pieces for this British Pathé archive blog! Over the last year this blog has dipped its toe into all sorts of areas – whether it be 1960s bunny girls, speeches by King George VI, travelogues in Baghdad or our favourite black and white Oscar ceremonies – with over 90,000 newsreels in the British Pathé archive there are all sorts of topics.

It’s got to the stage now where we’d love some fresh ideas from people with interests that are different to our own (we’ve done a lot of quirky showbiz posts, how about some more academic posts? Although more showbiz is always good – everyone has their own take on celebrity!)

Perhaps you’d like to take a modern day TV show or piece of pop culture and compare it to clips in the archive, showing how it owes something to the past.

Perhaps you’d like to hone in on your specialist subject, be that butterflies, lifeguards or snooker.

Simply write 350 to 800 words on your topic, with links to the clips from British Pathé that it discusses or mentions, and email it to Jack on We’ll sort out stills to accompany the piece and publish it on our blog!

If you’re not sure whether your idea for a blog post will work then please send us a quick email first and we’ll let you know!

We cannot pay people to write on this blog, but we can share your piece with friends of the archive on Facebook, Twitter and through our internal mailing list, a total audience of about 6,000 people.  This might be ideal for people who love archive film, don’t want the laborious task of keeping their own blog, but occasionally feel like writing something!

We can also have a link in the blog post to your own website, fanzine or Twitter page.

All the best,

The British Pathé Blog

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