Yuri Gagarin Videos: Unissued Russian Reels

Yuri Gagarin prior to take-off


Today Google has a special ‘Google doodle’ to commemorate Yuri Gagarin, the first ever man in space. The British Pathé archive has great footage of Yuri Gagarin:

First there is this unissued colour footage of Yuri prior launch, smiling, being escorted to the launch pad and going up in the transfer coach (which looks a bit like a Doctor Who tardis!)

Yuri Gagarin’s funeral in Moscow. This 1968 newsreel shows the Soviet army filing past an urn of Yuri’s ashes, whilst his widow Valentina and family look on in mourning. We see close-up footage of President Leonid Brezhnev and Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin.

Yuri Gagarin receives special honours at the UNESCO head-quarters, in Paris (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation). See how Yuri is mobbed by autograph hunters, the most popular celebrity-mad hobby of the day before digital cameras and iPhones! 

And then for even more Yuri Gagarin video (it seems Pathé followed Yuri on his 1961 world tour!)

Yuri Gagarin visits England (1961) – Including a visit to Manchester, a tour of the Tower of London, and a trip to Buckingham Palace!

Yuri Gagarin in Budapest, (1961)- Yuri is kissed by crowds of Hungarian girls and presented with flowers!

Yuri Gagarin visiting Cyprus (in 1962) to the city. Yuri meets the archbishop in Cyprus and waves to vast crowds in Limasol, receiving the keys to the city.

There are of course more videos of Yuri Gagarin in the online archive, including Russian documentaries. Visit www.britishpathe.com

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