We’re looking for guest bloggers to write pieces for this British Pathé archive blog! Over the last year this blog has dipped its toe into all sorts of areas – whether it be 1960s bunny girls, speeches by King George VI, travelogues in Baghdad or our favourite black and white Oscar ceremonies – with over 90,000 newsreels in the British Pathé archive there are all sorts of topics.

It’s got to the stage now where we’d love some fresh ideas from people with interests that are different to our own (we’ve done a lot of quirky showbiz posts, how about some more academic posts? Although more showbiz is always good – everyone has their own take on celebrity!)

Perhaps you’d like to take a modern day TV show or piece of pop culture and compare it to clips in the archive, showing how it owes something to the past.

Perhaps you’d like to hone in on your specialist subject, be that butterflies, lifeguards or snooker.

Simply write 350 to 800 words on your topic, with links to the clips from British Pathé that it discusses or mentions, and email it to Jack on jcullen@britishpathe.com We’ll sort out stills to accompany the piece and publish it on our blog!

If you’re not sure whether your idea for a blog post will work then please send us a quick email first and we’ll let you know!

We cannot pay people to write on this blog, but we can share your piece with friends of the archive on Facebook, Twitter and through our internal mailing list, a total audience of about 6,000 people.  This might be ideal for people who love archive film, don’t want the laborious task of keeping their own blog, but occasionally feel like writing something!

We can also have a link in the blog post to your own website, fanzine or Twitter page.

All the best,

The British Pathé Blog

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