British Pathé Picks: 14th – 31st January 2013

Here’s our selection of British Pathé footage that relates to anniversaries coming up in the next two weeks. Click the links below to take a look! You can also keep up to date with aniversaries by following our dedicated Pinterest board.

Churchill and Roosevelt at Casablanca 

(14 January)

70 years ago, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt met at Casablanca to discuss the war effort. A 1943 newsreel covers the event. View it here.

Churchill and Roosevelt. Click the still to view the film.
Churchill and Roosevelt. Click the still to view the film.

David Lloyd George Born  

(17 January)

It will have been 150 years since the birth of David Lloyd George on 17th January 1863. Lloyd George, Prime Minister during the First World War, features in a great many British Pathé newsreels. Explore them here.

Lloyd George in 1922.
Lloyd George in 1922.

Danny Kaye  

(18 January)

Another birthday for January is that of American comedian Danny Kaye, born 100 years ago on 18th January 1913. There is some excellent footage of Kaye in the archive, particularly of his 1948 Royal Command Performance act and rehearsals. Watch them here.

Danny Kaye rehearses for a performance.
Danny Kaye rehearses for a performance.

85 years since the death of Earl Haig

(29 January)

Footage of the First World War general and of his funeral can be found here.

Funeral procession for Douglas Haig.
Funeral procession for Douglas Haig.

British Membership of the EU  

(29 January)

50 years ago, Charles de Gaulle famously said “non” to Britain’s membership of the European Economic Community. Click here to view the 1963 newsreel.

Topical! The US declared last week that they wanted Britain at the heart of the EU.
Topical! The US declared last week that they wanted Britain at the heart of the EU.

Hitler Becomes Chancellor  

(30 January)

80th Anniversary: On 30th January 1933, von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany. The newsreel, “Hitler Assumes Bismarck’s Mantle”, can be viewed here.

Hitler celebrates his victory.
Hitler celebrates his victory.

In other news

Spitfires in Burma

Excavations in Burma may have unearthed spitfires that have been buried there. British Pathé has a wealth of footage related to spitfires, just a selection of which can be seen here.

Author: British Pathé

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5 thoughts on “British Pathé Picks: 14th – 31st January 2013”

  1. I live in New Zealand and have just discovered there was a documentary on the ‘Story of British Pathé’ on the BBC in 2011 and repeated recently, I used to work for ABP as it was known then, in the fifties and sixties, and know a lot of the people mentioned on the BBC webpage. My firend at the time was instrumental in setting up the Pathé library and archives. Is there anyway I can buy the series or download it?

  2. Hi Pam! Do feel free to send in your memories to We’re always keen to hear from employees of the past. Unfortunately, the series “Story of British Pathe” isn’t yet available on DVD or as a download, but it is on our wish list. We’ll try to let you know if and when it comes out. All best, BP.

  3. Thank you for your prompt reply. I do have a lot of stories about my time at Pathé. I was a set costing clerk travelling to variious places around the country to make in-house documentaries and training films. RAF Cranwell and Heinz (working title ‘Full of Beans’!) being two that stand out. We also did weekly tv adverts for Woman’s Weekly etc. I will put down a few memories and send them on when I feel they are worth reading. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing the documentary.

  4. In your film ,Watch ways 1930, I have an identical watch known as a purse watch to the second one shown, and is dated 1929, and has dunhill printed on dial, and is solid silver, I wonder if that one is still around?

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