Stranded On Snowdon: Cars That Go Too Far

Four Reel Drive: Pathe recorded a group of men in the 1920s rescuing a vehicle.

Some of you may have seen this news story today on outdoor news website Grough (as well as other bigger news sites like the BBC) about a 4×4 vehicle that was abandoned near the top of Snowdon after 39-year-old Craig Williams attempted to drive up the 1,130m tall mountain.

The driver is to appear in court charged with driving on common land and neglecting the national park’s code of conduct.
Interestingly British Pathé happened to film a similar incident in the 1920s. You can take a look here:


The archived reel shows a group of people pushing a car up Mount Snowdon in the 1920s. The vehicle gets stuck repeatedly on the rocky path and has to be dislodged by the men. Eventually they reach the train line and they use the tracks as a makeshift road to push the car the rest of the way.

Does anyone know what kind of car this is? ~ ~

Author: British Pathé

British Pathé holds the world's finest newsreel collection. We also represent the Reuters historical collection. All 220K films are viewable on our website.

3 thoughts on “Stranded On Snowdon: Cars That Go Too Far”

  1. It is clear that there are far more ascents of Snowdon by car than has been officially recorded. More research is needed!

    Snowdon Splendour

  2. It is a 1924 Model T ford. from Craig Williams,(the 4×4 driver who ascended to the summit) via the llanberis pass NOT the railway line!….then was arrested & relayed from the summit by the police after being told not to bring it down. So the authorities left the vehicle up their after realising they could not retrieve it….
    P.S The Jury did not consider their verdict was ‘out of the parameters of the legislation’ as the prosecution dropped the charges of ‘driving on commonland and moreland’ but up’d the charge to ‘Dangerous Driving’……. It’s amazing how robbers and muggers and people who break into property causes £1,000s of pounds of damages can walk out of could with a slap-on-wrist and a fine, but when you produce something assessed and technical with strategy and skill they bang you up!

    I think it’s safe to say that between 24:00hrs & 07:15hrs in 60-70mph gail force winds no one was on the landscape! Only an individual at 18 stone would be able to withstand those forces….. (worked out prior to newtons 3 laws of motion, thus the gravitational cause and effect of 6.68NM2….. So show me any 18 stone person who wants to trudge out in -2 to ascend a 3,500 Summit?

    So with a 2.2T specially designed 4×4 to hold me down firm on the ground built by my own hands (with x2 winches – 1 front & 1 rear both with the motors revolving at the same rate so 1 cable does not slaken whilst using both at the same time – the rear winch cable goes underneath the undercarraige which was all incased and come out through the front) and a highly skilfulled advanced off-terrain driver (X – M.O.D vehicle technician & field engineer tester/driver for all manner of land defence vehicles) with respect to such a landscape and had prior worked out all the gradients, depressions, angularities, pitches etc, etc. I personally never did feel it was a danger to anybody. The Prosecution however, like usual exaggerated the whole issue (probably never stepped a foot on the mountain?) and here I am a lamb to the slaughter, like walking into a Roman Arena to unleash every onslaught from the lungs of hell on me! ….oh yes and the Judge Merfyn Hughes…well say no more! It was inevitable I was not walking out right from the very beginning in Sept. which is safe. The Jury are standard laymen… people who have never traversed anything more than i slight uphill tarmac road so would never in a million years understand any slow, crawling locking diff 4×4 technique Sorry to the mountain rescue services, the sponsership money of over £1,500 accrued to be supplied to you never made it your way….. please point the finger at the authorities for ‘culling’ those funds. Everything the media printed before trial ‘sensationalised’ and ‘hyped’ up the real truth. This is what makes good juicy press & reports. It sowed a seed to the general public that BELIEVED everything they read….. Maybe read Aristotle, Plato, Isaac Newton, Erwin Schrodinger, Zen and art of motor mechanics, Stephen Hawkins… anything about the 13.7 billion years of creation from a singularity and Cosmic particles. Lipids – single cell life frozen in -286 degrees in Space arriving to our Earths sufice by asteroids & meteorites during the ‘heavy bonbardment’ and producing a chemical reaction with our atmospheric conditions….. H2o, nitrates, oxygen and photosynthesis spawning life…. maybe consider Edwin Hubble’s expanding Universe to realize we are but another race awaiting to be wiped out…. Then tell me if you think what was done was wrong?
    We have the best part of 80 years on this once-around-ride, Nothing before… Nothing afterwards (Trust me on this one!) The ‘social order’ is like watching ‘The invention of lying’ by Ricky Gervais. So sorry to all those who thought it was wrong…IT WASN’T… and there IS still more to come! Just to put the cherry ontop of the cake so-to-speak.

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