Our archive footage of the Chelsea Flower Show is very popular, last year we looked at some wild and wacky 1960s newsreels, but this year we’ve focused on earlier reels, such as this one below with King George VI of “The King’s Speech” fame:

Royal Visitors at The Chelsea Flower Show (1936)

“Lucky Chelsea pensioners to have all this beauty brought to their doorstep, lucky London to have in its midst this loveliest of all flowers shows”

Here we see Prince Albert (later King Georve VI) touring the Chelsea Flower Show with Princess Elizabeth. Of course the pair have been historical celebrities this year thanks to the popularity of the King’s Speech in which the couple are portrayed by Colin Firth and Helena Bonham-CarInterestingly this reel shows a clip of a Japanese garden, and a Japanese gentlemen who is the “architect” of it. This international streak may have been a novel edge to the show at the time for the British Pathé narrator sparks a rivalry when he says “But which Englishman would dare to say that it is more beautiful than our formal gardens?”

Chelsea Says It In Flowers (1961)

“The Royal family doesn’t often appear all together, their programs are often too full, but none of them miss the Chelsea Flower Show”

Fast-forward into the 1960s and here we have Princess Margaret taking a look around the Chelsea Flower Show, with The Queen and The Queen Mother.

According to the Pathé canister notes the Queen Mother was an expert when it came to flowers. Although we’re not sure how true this actually was?

See more archive videos of the Chelsea Flower show, including The Queen and other notable guests here:


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