MODE magazine by Shortlist

Today one of our archivist’s turned up at work with a magazine called MODE, by the people who make Shortlist, one of those trendy free mags that they distribute outside tube stations. We’re not sure how new MODE is, but it’s quite a good read with some interesting pieces on, surprisingly, the history of mens fashion.

One feature was a numerical list of this season’s ‘rulebook’ for mens fashion. We were interested to note how quite a few of the items on the list took inspiration from events and occurrences that happened within the age range of the British Pathé archive (1897-1977), and so on our lunch break today we decided to see if we could dig out some good relevant material.

1. The Playboy Club Returns to London

Number One on MODE’s list took direct inspiration from London’s Playboy Club and its return to our capital in 1966. We were instantly reminded of our pivotal 1966 video reel Inside The Playboy Paradise.

 5. Jimmy Choo turns his attention to mens fashion

Footwear legend Jimmy Choo ranked 5th on MODE’s rulebook list. Jimmy Choo’s co-founder Tamara Mellon has a connection with our archive in that her father used to run a raunchy life-drawing café in Soho, and British Pathé went along to make this video of it in 1959 called Coffee Bar Studio.

7. Remembering Concorde

As soon as we read the words ‘Remembering Concorde’ we knew just the archive clip to match. Here you can watch colour footage of Concorde’s first ever flight at Filton near Bristol in 1969 – Concorde 002 Flight. We like the white boiler suits too! In fact, just search ‘Concorde’ in the British Pathé film archive and you’ll find loads of great stuff.

8. Remembering Paco Rabanne

We were pleased too to see Paco Rabanne in MODE’s rulebook. For those of you wanting to remember him we have several good clips in the archive, but our favourite has to be this newsreel entitled Metal Fashions, the girls are stunning and the scenery is as mind-boggling as you’d expect.

11. Bjorn Borg

If only British Pathé had continued making cinema newsreels throughout the 1970s we’re sure we’d have some great Bjorn Borg footage. However, we do have our own tennis fashion icon in the archive – Rene Lacoste

We’re looking forward to the next issue of MODE. Also, if their editorial team have one of those Ralph Lauren Home crystal decanters knocking about their office then we could sure as hell put it to good use!

Take a look at MODE on – http://www.shortlist.com/style/mode/ – we’re looking forward to the next issue!



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