Can you name any of these swinging 60s sauce pots?

A lot of people are getting excited today because someone has scanned in their old copies of Smash Hits! Magazine and uploaded the pages as images to FlickR, meaning thirty-somethings can pour over their favourite popstars of the 80s.

Now here in the British Pathé film archive we stopped filming circa 1977, and so even Smash Hits! magazine, which is now placed on a pedestal as some kind of retro culture mecca, strikes us as quite contemporary and modern – the affair began years after we finished!

Because whilst it’s fun to look back at Duran Duran interviews and remember the days when Ultravox were looked upon as demi-gods, we actually have tonnes of videos online from the birth of pop culture some twenty years prior to the 1980s.

Just take a look at this fantastic video we have of the ‘Kaleidoscope Premiere’ in 1966, at the Warner Theatre in Leicester Square. Who are these beautiful people? What did they do, and what became of them? If you recognise any of the party folk present, and they’re not already listed in the canister notes (Jackie Collins, Cathy McGowan etc.) then please do leave us a comment.



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