Audrey Hepburn, 1965

There are not many actresses who can claim to have Audrey Hepburn’s timeless appeal and eternal popularity but then again there is something about Audrey that puts her in her own elite.  To this day, she epitomises sophistication, elegance and class and her look and style are still emulated by many women across the globe. 

Not only was she beautiful, talented and enchanting but she was also considered to be a genuine, self-effacing star who was known for her warmth, compassion and generosity. Billy Wilder once said, God kissed the face of Audrey Hepburn, and there she was.”

Audrey at the Nun's Story Premiere, 1959

Holly Golightly, Sabrina and Eliza Doolittle are just some of her defining film roles and it is perhaps these parts along with her big brown eyes, on screen charisma and humility that have made her in to the icon she is today.  

Quite clearly we can’t lavish enough praise on Miss Hepburn. So on the 18th anniversary of her death, British Pathé have dug out from the archives some clips of this enchanting and lovely woman.

Audrey Before Fame, Aged 21

Did you know that before Audrey was famous, she was a model? In this clip, at just aged 21, Audrey models a fashion line. An unknown, her name wasn’t even mentioned in the original notes.  

"Poor Audrey gets something in her eye, but it wasn't serious" - Pathe

Audrey arrives at her film premiere of The Nun’s Story in 1959 and incidentally gets something in her eye.

"All I want is 'Enry 'Iggins' 'ead" - Eliza Doolittle

 In 1964, the My Fair Lady premiere came to town.

For the Audrey enthusiasts see more Audrey Hepburn footage.


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