Our friends in aviation have asked us to pass on this message. They have a small amount of time in which to raise enough money to save the last flying Vulcan XH588, putting the project on a “a knife edge”.

In the British Pathé film archive we have several great clips of Vulcans in action, they really are beautiful machines. These videos of the Vulcan helped us to realise this morning just how important it is to save this magnificent piece of Britain’s history in the air. Take a look:

“Air News – The Vulcan! Britain’s Delta Jet Bomber” (1953)

“Vulcan at Abingdon Air Show” (1968)

“The Vulcan at Farnborough” (1962) [Great footage]

There are several more great Vulcan clips, go to the archive here and search ‘Vulcan’ or ‘Vulcan Bomber’

The last flying Vulcan, which thrilled almost two million people this year, could be grounded or sold abroad due to lack of money. At a meeting on the evening of October 28th, the Vulcan To The Sky Trust which owns the aircraft will decide if it has raised enough funds to continue.

“By Thursday evening, we need to be sure that we will have £300,000 by the end of the week. If there is any doubt, she will follow Concorde into permanent retirement or be sold to a collector almost certainly abroad,” warns trust CEO Dr Robert Pleming.


And read more on this pressing issue here


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