British Pathé back on The One Show

British Pathé are back on The One Show! Thanks to followers of the Pathé archive on Twitter who gave us their comments and feedback last Friday, it really is super to see these AMAZING newsreels enjoying a second life on primetime television.

Alex Jones presents the new One Show series alongside the 1990s wonder Chris Evans. On Friday’s episode they were joined on the studio couch by Good-Life-come-Strictly star Felicity Kendal.

Giles Brandreth made technology and retro gadgets the focus for his fun-sized multipack of British Pathé footage:

“The kitchen is a delightful place in which any woman would be happy to defrost a packet of peas” marvelled one British Pathé narrator in a clip about domestic mod-cons, whilst Giles offered some insight as to why Britain was obsessed with techno gimmicks, “They were a happy distraction from other more pressing post-war issues such as rationing and re-building the shattered economy.”

We were thrilled to see the lady dancing with a nine foot tall robot. A hilarious clip that we wrote about in detail ourselves back in May for this blog post: Archive Androids – The History of Robots

For anyone who fancies watching some more great technocentric clips, we recommend this British Pathé collection simply titled ‘Inventions’. 36 great clips from the archive that includes every retro invention under the sun, from water cycles to roboticised teddy bears.


Watch Friday’s episode of The One Show with Felicity Kendal here

Thanks again to Giles Brandreth for his wonderful on-going exploration of the archive. We loved his sign-off comment:

 “The British Pathé archives didn’t just capture a snapshot of life fifty years ago, they immortalised our hopes and dreams. Some of those dreams may have seemed a little far-fetched, others turned into reality. What we still share is a thirst for gadgets to make our life a little bit easier.”

Author: British Pathé

British Pathé holds the world's finest newsreel collection. We also represent the Reuters historical collection. All 220K films are viewable on our website.

2 thoughts on “British Pathé back on The One Show”

  1. How disappointing to hear sir Elton John say we dont have a photography museum for him to give his photos to! He could always display them at the museum of film and photography in Bradford. If them from London can find there way up here!!!!!

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