We’re excited about the release of Tom Hooper’s new film The King’s Speech, starring Colin Firth in the lead role as King George VI. Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush take the supporting roles.

British Pathé material will feature in the film as of course we are one of the few archives to have footage of George VI, in fact, the archive contains a speech by him that the film directly cites.

Here’s the King George clip that the maker’s of The King’s Speech licensed: WATCH NOW!

Colin Firth divides the staff in the British Pathé film archive, with Mavis declaring undying love for him at one end of the spectrum, and archivist Robert protesting at the other – “I just don’t understand why so many women think he’s the most attractive man in the world!”

See Colin and Helena working their onscreen magic in the trailer here.


One thought on “The King’s Speech: Hear the original in the British Pathe Film Archive

  1. I can’t explain why most women think he’s so attractive either – but he is. For me, I guess it’s because he ages so well, he’s a gentlemen, he has an accent, he’s very unselfish (to the point of self-deprecation and complete fear of the “sex symbol” title), he’s a realistic family man who manages to stay out of the tabloids, he’s funny, and he’s just a darn nice guy from what I can tell.

    So, he’s just hot, okay?

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