Cougar O’Clock: A Secret Archive History of Women Who Liked Their Men Young


This morning METRO have been exciting themselves about Courtney Cox and her recent 600k offer to be the face of “Cougar Life”, a dating website for older ladies looking for younger guys.

The usage of the word ‘Cougar’ in referring to a woman who likes a man with a warmer bloodstream didn’t exist in the time of Pathe News but that’s not to say these older women and their devilish ways weren’t caught on camera…

First of all watch this brilliant clip of singer Edith Piaf’s wedding. She married the “handsome young toy boy” Theo Sarapo:

Edith Piaf is British Pathe’s Cougar Queen


Then take a look at this 1964 bachelor fair in Belgium, it’s the same concept of Cougar Life, but weirder. In fact, we’re not entirely sure what is going on in this clip so please do let us know on the British Pathe Facebook Group.

So how does the contemporary Cougar go about finding her prey? Well according to archivists the most popular place for Cougars to pick-up toy boys was at a male model parties, or mens fashion show. For example this dashing young specimen:

Who WOULDN’T you divorce to get THIS hottie?


There are plenty of male models hanging about in the British Pathe archive, we highly recommend you embark on your own bachelor quest.

Another good place to pick up a toy boy off the stage. This boy soprano Graham Payn (below) here may seem a bit young but he later became the lifelong toy boy of Noel Coward (and heir of Coward’s work, copyrights and theatrical estate). You see you have to get in early and plan your toy boy. Noel spotted young Graham singing as a boy soprano.

Singing for his Supper: Iconic toy boy Graham Payn

Some prospective Cougars may be wondering what the point is in scouting a historic film archive for future boys. Well, some of the eligible bachelors in the British Pathe archive are still available on the Cougar market today. Want evidence? Take a look at this dashing young man driving a bus around Chiswick in 1962. Recognise him? We rest our case.

Finally we’d like to show you this archive clip of a real cougar. We’re scared that in this modern METRO age of Courtney Cox and her Cougar Life, people may start to forget that a cougar is, in actual fact, part of the animal kingdom, and so wanted to cite a real cougar in this post.

What more does a woman need in her life?

Today’s song was almost going to be ‘Wired For Sound’ by Cougar-delight Cliff Richard, and it was almost going to be Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing In The Dark’ – the momentous pop culture moment in which Courtney Cox decided that she definitely preferred younger men. But at the last minute we changed our mind, following the Cougar Quen Edith Piaf theme, and opted for Grace Jones ‘La Vie En Rose’. Turn your headphones up, get your packed lunch out and enjoy:

Author: British Pathé

British Pathé holds the world's finest newsreel collection. We also represent the Reuters historical collection. All 220K films are viewable on our website.

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