A very Norman approach to charity collection funds.

We are sad to hear that Norman Wisdom passed away yesterday evening, but are pleased that it was a peaceful departure with his family and loved ones around him. As Norman’s career spanned so many decades there are several clips of the genius at work in the British Pathé film archive. Take a look at these:

Norman Wisdom prepares for a photo shoot (1955) – WATCH NOW! (RARE)

(A rare colour reel of Norman Wisdom in the 1950s with his wife Dreda and son)

Norman Wisdom participating in the Earl’s Court motor show – WATCH NOW!

“Here are the words of Wisdom” – WATCH NOW!

(Norman Wisdom seated in a lounge suit, appealing on behalf of the Cinematograph Trades Benevolent Fund)

Norman Wisdom playing comedy cricket for charity – WATCH NOW!

John Parsons interviews Norman Wisdom in 1956 – WATCH NOW!

Norman’s popularity and legendary status was made very clear to the world in 2001 when his personal appearance in Albania outshone that of David Beckham the world’s most famous footballer.

We’re thrilled to have these lovely Norman Wisdom clips in the archive.

Long may the legacy of Norman Wisdom live on. We quite fancy paying a trip to his themed bar, has anyone been?


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