Miss Great Britain: Long Legs, Lots of Laughter, Luscious Lips and a Lost Legacy

We would love to track down one of the beauty queens or bonnie babies from our archive footage of 1960s Miss Great Britain competitions, or Blackpool’s ‘Baby of The Year’. Recently the Lancashire Evening Post wrote the centre-page feature (pictured above) to try and help British Pathé find some of these characters caught on camera.

Here is a link to the footage and clips featured by the Lancashire Evening Post:

Lancashire Evening Post videos

Jenny Simpson of the LEP wrote about British Pathé: “They entertained, they informed and they were a window to the world for generations. British Pathé newsreels captured many of the most significant moments of 20th century history, from the launch of the Titanic in 1912 to the Blitz attacks of World War II.”

Below is an unknown winner of Miss Great Britain. How sad that all her efforts and past glory have become a cloud of mystery and anonymity.

The Miss Great Britain tournament is still running today, managed by former winner Liz Fuller, details can be found on their website which also contains information on the history of the tournament. We’re hoping somebody who works on the tournament with knowledge of the contest’s history will be able to help. It would be so wonderful if we could identify the ladies in these videos and update our canister notes so that future generations will know who these fabulous people were.

Author: British Pathé

British Pathé holds the world's finest newsreel collection. We also represent the Reuters historical collection. All 220K films are viewable on our website.

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