Buried Alive: British Pathé Unearth the 1949 Stunt that went wrong.


A few of you have been talking about Rodrigo Cortés’ latest film Buried, an “indie-thriller-horror” film starring Ryan Reynolds*. From glancing at the plot to Buried it seems to be a less exciting version of the buried alive scene with Uma Thurman in Kill Bill 2, except it doesn’t have the fabulous Uma Thurman, and it goes on for the whole length of a movie.

So, why not save your money and watch some real buried alive videos in the British Pathé archive. We wouldn’t like to send you links to all of it, as it’s pretty controversial material. But a light-hearted place to start is this 1940s escapologist Alan. In a homage to his hero Houdini he buries himself alive, but it all goes wrong… and to make it even worse, for some inexplicable reason, he chose Cobham in Surrey as the place to bury himself!

We don’t know why he’s called Alan Alan, and we’re pretty sure he shares that name with a Northamptonshire drag queen. We’re also dumbfounded as to why we attempted auto-burial in nothing but his pants, we imagine the excitement of the Pathé camera team got to him. Oh well, live and let live. Enjoy!

 “Houdini II Buried Alive” (1949) – WATCH NOW!

*Don’t worry, we haven’t heard of him either, checked Wikipedia and all his films sound like Mariah Carey singles.

Author: British Pathé

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