Happy Elvis Week – Love British Pathe

We’ve put on our blue suede shoes and had a little rummage in the British Pathe archive for Elvis footage. Here are three great clips that any Elvis fan must watch:

1)  Elvis goes to Germany for 18 months with the army

In this video the interviewer asks “Since you’ve been in the army have the boys given you a rough time in the barracks because of your past career?” and Elvis responds:

“No Sir, I was very surprised. I’ve never met a better group of boys in my life. They probably would have if it had been like everybody thought, I mean, everybody thought I wouldn’t have to work and would be given special treatment, but when they saw I was KP and I was pulling guard and everything like they were then they thought ‘Well he’s just like us’. ”

2) Elvis Quits The Army

Here Elvis quits the army although the newsreel title is a bit misleading as it was the end of his service. Priscilla can be seen waving goodbye to him, aged only 16. And of course Nancy Sinatra is there to meet Elvis in New Jersey for a press conference.

One journo poses Elvis the question:

“Has the army changed your mind about rock and roll?”

And Elvis replies, with a double helping of cheese:

“I was in tanks for a long time you see, and err, they rock and roll quite a bit”

Elvis marries Priscilla

Over in Germany Elvis met a 14 year old girl, the daughter of an important US Lieutenant Colonel.  Her name was Priscilla Beaulieu and 8 years later he married her. Here you can see brilliant footage of Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding reception!

And so there you have it Elvis fans. Three rare Elvis videos that are free to watch and enjoy in the British Pathe archive.

And if you’re still wanting to more. Here’s the wonderful Sharleen Spiteri of Texas performing her own Drag King homage to Elvis, the brilliant single Inner Smile

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Author: British Pathé

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