Can the England team match up to their 1956 predecessors?

On Sunday millions of us will be chewing our nails until they bleed as England play Germany in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Despite almost 70 years of peace, it’s hard for many Britons to watch sporting events against Germany without old emotions churning from those wars and rivalries of the past that are over yet all but long forgotten. What actually happens when England play Germany in a World Cup match these days? Is Terry’s team capable of taking on the challenge witout making it a cringing embarrassment? Of course there’s the infamous 1966 game, but that’s no accurate reflection of the countries’ respective match history.

British Pathe have several great film clips of Germany and England going head to head in the World Cup. There was the match where Germany beat England 1-0 in 1968. There was the time that England defeated Germany 3-1 in 1956. And what about that crazy 1935 match. See – you didn’t know as much as you thought, did you?

Watch videos of Germany and England battling it out on the pitch together here.

England waged war against Germany on the pitch in 1935


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