Where is Le Mans happening this year? Just kidding. Although actress Cameron Diaz did once famously ask an aid where the Cannes film festival was going to be held that summer. The 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans will be taking place on the 12th of June, so in five days time! Known as the Grand Prix of endurance, we love this 1962 clip of the LE MANS race the roars of the engines, the classic narrator – “By morning, only 21 cars still running, most of them Italian”, the dramatic music score and harrowing throw-away close-ups of roadside wreckages!

Everyone’s been watching this video footage of the famous 1955 Le Mans Disaster online. Between 80 and 120 spectators were killed after a Mercedes car flew off the track into the crowd making it the most catastrophic accident in motorsports history. Watch the video of the Le Mans disaster and then read about the horrific accident here on the official Wikipedia page.

If you Google “Le Mans Footage” the British Pathé clip comes up. We recommend watching this footage of the 1964 Le Mans race too.

Pictured above is an ‘art car’ designed by Jeff Koons for this year’s Le Mans race. (Source: Mirror.co.uk) Andy Warhol, like most things, did one in the past. And before anyone mentions Damien Hirst and his polka-dot Mini, check out this magnificent video of students in the 60s decorating a Mini, it’s fabulous: Students decorate a Mini!

In other Le Mans news: Le Mans Classic will also be coming up in July. Gautier Rossignol from Peter Auto, the race organisers, said “We can now confirm that the race dates for the Le Mans Classic will be from the 9th – 11th July 2010. We hope that many British car clubs and individuals will be able to join us for more fun an excitement.” (Source www.lemansrace.com) So that’s something to look forward to next month!

Search ‘Le Mans’ into the British Pathé Film Archive to lap up some great shots of Le Mans and other motorsports treats. … Vrooooom…

Just wearing one of those Breton jumpers can unleash a previously hidden dangerous artistic temperament

Warhol came up with everything first, including the concept of Pimp My Ride


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