Neeeeow - Kent, 1968

The Grand Prix started in 1894, British Pathé started in 1897, and so naturally a strong media partnership evolved between the two companies. British Pathé  were there on the side of the road filming the hottest Grand Prix races of the 20th century. British Pathé cameramen were at all the after parties too, talking to the it-girls as they swooned and crooned for a racing driver boyfriend, or even a Royal marriage. British Pathé were also sadly there to film the crashes, the flips, the Formula 1 knife edge between life and death when a strong swerve sent things spiralling out of control.

From the swank celebrities of the Monaco Grand Prix to the calming countryside of Rouen in France, you can watch a host of magnificent behind the wheel videos in the British Pathé archive from the safety of your own wheelie chair.

See the entire collection here of Grand Prix videos, or pick from a selection of popular drivers below:

Video of driver Jack Brabham

Tony Maggs, Graham Hill, John Surtees and winner Dan Gurney

Mike Hawthorn, Jean Behra and Peter Collins

Guy Ligier, Jim Clark and Bob Anderson

Nevermind looking for their next line of Charlie, back in those days it-girls were looking for a chat with Prince Charlie himself.


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