The undying glamour of Joan Collins

Joan has been red carpet royalty since the 1950s, winning hearts with every step.

It was somewhat surreal to see Joan Collins pop up on our TV screens last night at the BBC’s election party as part of their live coverage. The 76 year-old actress dazzled in a silver sequined jacket as she talked about her support for David Cameron and The Conservatives. Joan placed an emphasis on her belief in the nuclear family, a declaration that left some people confused considering the star has been married five times and is renowned for her glamourous party lifestyle, as opposed to the domesticated, house-proud and sometimes anti-feminist connotations of the “nuclear family”.

We had a rummage in the archive to see if Joan was in there anywhere. Of course she was. The photo below is a still from Roman Polanski’s 1968 wedding to Sharon Tate. Joan attended the Playboy Mansion reception party. Sharon Tate, the then love of Roman Polanski’s life, was famously murdered the following year by the serial killer Charles Manson. She was pregnant at the time.

Going back further we found a 1952 video clip of Joan Collins sitting on a panel of ballroom dancing judges with Ceser Romero.

Moving forwards again into the early 60s There’s also this rare clip of Joan Collins meeting the Queen Mother in 1961  with Tony Hancock and Max Bygraves in the West End.

The British Pathe archive is brilliant for showing us just how long some of these A-Listers have been doing the rounds! There are plenty more rare Joan Collins treats in the archive, but you’ll have to set out to find them yourselves. Have fun!

Author: British Pathé

British Pathé holds the world's finest newsreel collection. We also represent the Reuters historical collection. All 220K films are viewable on our website.

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