The Orange Prize

He only asked for freshly squeezed juice

It’s 1967, and British Pathé are at the world orange peeling championships. Peeling the orange to emulate the crown jewels is optional, but the peel must be cut off in one piece. Jose Turpin ‘Don Pepe’ can peel an orange in 12.5 seconds! Bizarrely the boxer Henry Cooper judges the tournament, but the narrator kindly explains – “When Henry isn’t laying men flat in the ring he’s a green grocer” – so as you can see, his presence on the panel if justified. Don Pepe pins his orange peel to the lapel on Henry Cooper’s jacket. Rent-a-grin Henry shakes Don’s hand and then (blink and you’ll miss it) averts his eyes as if to say “WHY am I doing this? WHY?”

Sky Sports need to get their act together. Orange peeling championships need a comeback. Surely this is an advertiser’s dream that Orange phone network are missing out on? P.s. One fashion blogger fan of British Pathé drew attention to the video’s accessories too – particularly Don’s jet-embedded ring and Henry Cooper’s tie clip. Even the most trivial videos bare all sorts of historical importance.

Author: British Pathé

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